Respecting The Environment

“The ISO 14001 accreditation was a step closer to environmental commitment” As a caring and responsible company, Avanti Services believes that it is important to respect the environment in all our business operations and activities. For example, we use environmentally friendly cleaning fluids and detergents where possible, bio-degradable refuse bags, and promote the use of solar energy. Our accreditation to leading environmental standard ISO14001 demonstrates Avanti commitment to incorporating sustainable practices throughout its business. We believe that efficient property maintenance and cleaning practices can make a significant contribution to working in a more ecologically friendly way and will continue to look for new ways to harmonise our operations with the needs of the planet. We have experienced higher demand for environmentally friendly services mainly from our London Offices and most new business require the ISO 14001 and Environment Policy in place. We are regular attenders of Facilities Management Shows in London and Birmingham, and we have acquired great know-how, techniques and equipment that help our operation be more energy efficient as well as cost effective.