Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Commercial kitchen hygiene is controlled by the stringent guidelines in the food safety acts 1990 and 1995. Although a daily cleaning regime is essential to ensure the general cleanliness of the kitchen area, there is also a need to have a regular deep cleaning regime carried out by a specialist supplier to ensure all potentially harmful deposits are removed from kitchen equipment, surrounding surfaces, ceilings and floors to eliminate potentially dangerous kitchen dirt and bacteria. Our deep cleaning service will also help maintain your kitchen equipment. Top down Kitchen Deep Cleaning Our deep cleaning starts at the ceiling and works down to the floor. That way nothing gets missed. We clean everything in your kitchen on the way. We open, move and clean every nook and cranny including canopies, vents, ducts and filters. You’ll receive a hygiene certificate once the job’s done and be able to demonstrate that your kitchen meets the highest levels of cleanliness. Our kitchen deep cleaning services team will work with you to identify specifically which areas need deep cleaning over and above your own cleaning programmes. Together, we will aim to ensure an overall standard of hygiene and cleanliness that will readily meet the standards of EHO inspectors High level Kitchen Deep Cleaning It is normal that wall surfaces above six feet cannot be effectively cleaned by staff. Similarly the fixtures and fittings including the ceilings and roof structure supports are often out of reach. Our deep cleaning will address all unhygienic and potentially fire hazardous deposits are properly removed from these difficult surfaces. Kitchen Floor Deep Cleaning There are many potential floor surfaces found in hospitality and food catering facilities. Regular cleaning by staff is often insufficient to maintain the required standards of hygiene and safety, especially in the areas that are tucked away and hard to reach.By using specialised equipment and chemicals, our people have the experience and skills to ensure that your floor surfaces are thoroughly cleaned in a very efficient manner. Kitchen Extract Canopy and Filter Laundry Kitchen canopies can be particularly difficult for staff to access. Our specialist kitchen extract cleaning service is targeted specifically to tackle the potential fire hazard deposits that soon build up on internal surfaces of canopies, grease filters and drip trays. Where filters are worn or ineffective we can provide a grease filter laundry and replacement service.

Our Commitment

Avanti Services, when carrying out a kitchen deep clean, are committed to providing a service which is compliant with current regulations and environmentally friendly. To achieve this:
  • Our work is carried out in accordance with the European Regulations EC852/2004, The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 (SI2006/14) and COSHH (all COSHH data sheets are provided on award of contract).
  • On completion of the kitchen deep clean service, a Certificate of Hygiene is issued.
  • The chemicals we use are food safe, non-caustic and 98% biodegradable.
  • Our work is audited annually by an independent UKAS ISO auditor, that inspects the quality, safety and the environmental impacts of our operation when delivering kitchen deep cleans.

Our People

We have a fully trained and professional workforce with many years of experience in commercial kitchen deep cleaning. Each individual understands the principals behind safe working and awareness of common hazards, sector specific information, the legal health and safety framework, the responsibilities of employers and employees, and any specific issues for our industry, ensuring total peace of mind for our customers when we are working on their sites. Prior to starting a new commercial kitchen deep clean contract our operatives go through an in-house induction training that includes Risk Assessment, COSHH, Waste Disposal, Customer Care and Quality Assurance.

Commercial Kitchen Food Hygiene Certificate

Food processing businesses are getting more and more regulated and not conforming to these enforcements can lead to many penalties that can cost your business several thousand of pounds. The Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Regulations 2006 is one of them and catering businesses that are not following its guidelines can be closed by local authorities. Avanti Services‘ Specialist Kitchen Deep Cleaning team will access your commercial kitchen and provide you with the cleaning schedule, reporting and certification that complies with the food hygiene and waste legislation. It is a legal requirement that your premises display the valid Kitchen Deep Cleaning Certificate. If you do not currently have one or if your current one is out of date please contact us today and we can help your business to comply with the law.