Our Policies

Avanti Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Policies – (SHEQ) Avanti Services considers that there are no higher priorities than the health and safety of people and protection of the environment in all areas of our business. Our management and employees demonstrate this commitment through their behaviour. Avanti aim to comply with external regulations and operate ethically and responsibly in all situations. It is our policy to provide safe and healthy working conditions for everyone employed. We are also committed to responsible product stewardship to ensure that everyone associated with the company is safe when handling or using our products. Avanti Services are committed to excellence in managing safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) in its day-to-day business. We believe in the principle that all incidents and injuries are preventable, and that we can and will achieve our goal of zero incidents so that no one gets hurt. SHEQ policies and procedures are the responsibility of the Director and are implemented by Avanti management with support of the SHEQ functions. The SHEQ department work within the business to ensure that the company has a deliverable policy, manages risk professionally and drives local and regional best practice. The company has well-established programmes to drive improvement in SHEQ performance, and these include programmes to improve our safety systems and procedures and ensure the behaviours of all our employees are 100% safety focussed. Employees are trained in relevant safety regulations, procedures and the company’s code of conduct. Suppliers are expected to meet minimum standard set by our ethical purchasing policy and our businesses operate using consistent minimum standards set as company. Standards, procedures and delivery are firmly embedded in company practice by the organisation’s integrated management systems and standards (URS). URS disseminates the companies SHEQ policies, standards and detailed instructions through the intranet, outlining the minimum standards and actions needed to align with, or conform to, management systems such as ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 18001 (Health and Safety).

Environmental Policy Statement

Avanti Services are committed to protecting the environment, both now and for the future. We have internal regulation to only purchase recycled or paper products from sustainable sources and are updated regularly from studies carried out on the environmental impact of paper products, electric dryers, chemical usage and disposal of chemicals. We do provide to our operators proper training for the use and disposal of the chemicals and other material. It is our belief that only through education we can guarantee a protected environment for the future generation.